Hierarchical 3D N-CNT/Sb2MoO6 for dendrite-free lithium metal battery

Wenyang Zhang, Huixin Jin, Guowen Chen*, Jianxin Zhang


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Lithium (Li) metal is considered as “Holy Grail” for its high energy density, but the tough problems of dendrite growth and low Coulombic efficiency (CE) impede its commercialization. Herein, 1D nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube (N-CNT) and 2D Sb2MoO6 nanosheets are used to form self-assembled hierarchical 3D N-CNT/Sb2MoO6. N-CNT fibers insert among nanosheets to play a scaffolding and conductive role, and Sb2MoO6 nanosheets are highly lithiophilic. The two parts keep good contact with each other to maximize their synergistic effect. Also, the rigid 3D structure provides effective physical block for dendrite. This composite shows excellent dendrite suppressing ability and electrochemical performance: high CE of 94% after as long as 850 cycles and remarkably long lifespan of more than 1400 h. When assembled in full cells, it exhibits excellent cycling stability and rate performance, with promising commercial potential for application in energy storage devices of next generation.

ジャーナルChemical Engineering Journal
出版ステータスPublished - 2021 9月 15

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