High-level power optimization based on thread partitioning

Jumpei Uchida*, Nozomu Togawa, Masao Yanagisawa, Tatsuo Ohtsuki


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This paper proposes a thread partitioning algorithm in low power high-level synthesis. The algorithm is applied to high-level synthesis systems. In the systems, we can describe parallel behaving circuit blocks (threads) explicitly. First it focuses on a local register file RF in a thread. It partitions a thread into two sub-threads, one of which has RF and the other does not have RF. The partitioned sub-threads need to be synchronized with each other to keep the data dependency of the original thread. Since the partitioned sub-threads have waiting time for synchronization, gated clocks can be applied to each sub-thread. Then we can synthesize a low power circuit with a low area overhead, compared to the original circuit. Experimental results demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency of the algorithm.

ジャーナルIEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
出版ステータスPublished - 2004 12月

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