High voltage ultrawide band pulse generator using Blumlein pulse forming line

Y. S. Jin*, S. W. Lim, C. H. Cho, J. S. Kim, Y. B. Kim, S. H. Lee, Y. Roh


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A high voltage ultrawide band pulse generation system has been developed to radiate intense and ultrawide band electric fields for the examination of effects of the electric fields on the operation of electronic devices. As major components of the system, a helical stripwire type of air-cored pulse transformer and a triaxial type of Blumlein pulse forming line have been designed and fabricated to amplify and shape the output pulse, respectively. For the construction of a compact system, the pulse transformer and the Blumlein line are installed in a single cylindrical container. An ultrawide band TEM horn antenna has been fabricated to radiate the Blumlein output pulses to electronic devices. A number of experimental results demonstrate that the system is capable of providing an output pulse whose voltage is greater than 300 kV, pulse duration is ∼5 ns, and rise time is ∼500 ps with repetition rate of 10 Hz. The peak-to-peak value of electric field intensity of a radiated pulse is also measured to be approximately 42 kVm at a distance of 10 m away from the antenna.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2012 4月

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