Japan - Change and continuity

Jeffrey Graham*, Javed Maswood, Hideaki Miyajima


研究成果: Book


Japan is currently undergoing many interesting changes, which the Japanese government trumpets as fundamental reform, but which some observers suspect will turn out to be superficial, part of a long sequence of changes which have been much less far-reaching than at first anticipated. This book provides a survey of the many changes currently in progress in Japan, including political reform, economic deregulation and liberalisation, and reforms to environmental policy, science and technology, education, and immigration policy. The essays in this volume explore the reform process in Japan overall, and provides a thorough overview of major current developments in Japan.

出版社RoutledgeCurzon Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN(印刷版)0203220471, 9780203220474
出版ステータスPublished - 2003 9月 2

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