Japanese public perceptions on smart bin potential to support PAYT systems

Chaoxia Shan, Andante Hadi Pandyaswargo*, Akihisa Ogawa, Ryota Tsubouchi, Hiroshi Onoda


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Smart bins can increase transparency and accuracy in monitoring waste characteristics such as weight, volume, and disposal times. This information can aid in enforcing waste reduction policies, including the pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) system. However, the public's response to this technology remains uncertain. Despite Japan's reputation for high waste separation compliance and collection rates, it has one of the world's highest per capita rates of plastic and packaging waste generation. This study surveyed 1000 Japanese individuals regarding their perception of smart bin features and their potential to encourage waste reductions. Multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) was used to explore the relationships between respondents' social attributes and their responses. The findings indicate a slightly higher responses from younger respondents (above 85 % of those age 10–29 compared to around 75 % of those aged 60 and older) who were in favour of smart bin technology functions such as unscheduled waste pick up and automatized waste separation. On the other hand, there was a strong unwillingness (0.57 count ratio) to reduce plastic waste even if a smart bin assisted PAYT is introduced from those who did not engage in waste separation and cleaning in the first place. Finally, an open-ended question about strategies to reduce plastic waste resulted in a large portion of mindset change ideas (24.8 % of the female respondents) and technology innovations proposals (24 % of male respondents). Although development of a smart-bin prototype is taking place, behavioral change strategies to foster a willingness to reduce waste must take place along with technological interventions.

ジャーナルWaste Management
出版ステータスPublished - 2024 4月 1

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  • 廃棄物管理と処理


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