Kansei engineering for comfortable space management

Motoki Kohritani, Junzo Watada*, Hideyasu Hirano, Naoyoshi Yubazaki


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    It is difficult to define a comfortable space for each individual. It is partly because comfortness relates to many attributes that specify a space, partly because each individual has different preference, and also because even the same person changes his/her preference according health states, body conditions, working states and so on. Various parameters and attributes should be controlled in order to realize such a comfortable space according the data-base of past usages. Information obtained from human bodies such as temperature, blood pressure, α brainwave and etc. can be employed to adjust the space to the best condition. The objective of this paper is to achieve a comfortable space in terms of Kansei engineering. It is required to realize our comfortable environment suitable to feelings and customers often have their individual preference so that they feel comfortable, too. Kansei Engineering is a technology to offer better products to the customers by employing human sensitivity.

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