Learning to write japanese using a sns designed to develop writing proficiency: Affordances and constraints

Hiromi Nishioka*


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Social Networking Sites designed for language learning (SNSLL) provide useful functions to promote language learning. Lang-8, the focus of the discussion in this paper, is a SNSLL designed to develop users’ writing proficiency in the target languages. To realise this goal, Lang-8 provides users with native speaker feedback on their writing as well as the capability to interact with them using built-in communication tools. This study examined how seven Korean learners of Japanese perceived and acted on the affordances provided by Lang-8 for language learning. Also examined were the factors inhibiting them from learning Japanese while using the platform, drawing on the concepts of affordances and constraints (van Lier, 2000, 2004). Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the Korean participants. This study found that the participants perceived and acted on a wide range of affordances including those not observed on other SNS designed for general users. Regarding the factors to inhibit active engagement in learning Japanese while using the platform, this study found that they included insufficient Japanese language proficiency, lack of technology-related knowledge, and affective responses. These findings highlight the importance of providing language learners, particularly those with limited experience in learning a language using SNS, with material, meta-cognitive and affective support to optimise language learning.

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