Making Citizens' Activities Flourish Through a Crowdsourcing-Based Social Infrastructure

Mizuki Sakamoto, Tatsuo Nakajima

研究成果: Chapter


We now typically live in modern cities, where ubiquitous computing technologies such as advanced sensing enhance various aspects of our everyday lives. For example, smart phones offer necessary information to make our everyday lives convenient anytime, anywhere in the city; energy management and traffic management have become smarter, making our everyday lives more convenient and efficient. However, from a citizen perspective, the well-being of citizens needs to be more essential than merely achieving efficient and convenient smart city infrastructures. We think that this issue is particularly crucial for establishing the next generation of smart city design. In this chapter, we propose a social infrastructure named flourished crowdsourcing to make our society flourish, so diverse citizens will live comfortably and happily. To achieve a flourishing society, one of the most essential issues is making diverse citizens activists who will participate in socially collective activities. Traditional approaches such as gamification typically make it possible to guide the social activities of the average number of citizens, but it is not easy to maintain activities for diverse citizens. By incorporating fictionality into the real space, our approach is to increase the social awareness of citizens to achieve a flourishing society within each citizen's community so that they see the necessity of their contribution. To design and analyze fictionality, we also propose a gameful digital rhetoric as design abstractions. The design abstractions are extremely different from traditional approaches; designers can explicitly focus on the enhancement of the meaning in the real space from multiple perspectives; thus designers can change the meaning incrementally according to rapidly changing social situations or citizens' diverse preferences.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019 1月 1

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