Microstructure and magnetic properties of Co/Pd multilayered thin films with C or Si seedlayer

T. Onoue*, T. Asahi, K. Kuramochi, J. Kawaji, T. Osaka, J. Ariake, K. Ouchi, G. Sáfrán, N. Yaguchi


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Microstructure and magnetic properties of sputter deposited Co/Pd multilayered perpendicular magnetization films with amorphous C or Si seedlayer were investigated. The angstrom scale surface roughness of the seedlayer causes fine crystal grains to form in the Co/Pd multilayer and to decrease the extent of intergranular exchange coupling, while it obstructs the formation of a regular interface between Co and Pd layers. The Si seedlayer, which exhibits a surface roughness lower than the C seedlayer, yields Co/Pd multilayered films with the lowest intergranular exchange coupling and the highest coercivity. The improvement in magnetic properties of the Co/Pd film with Si seedlayer is attributable mainly to the formation of Pd 2Si at the interface between the Co/Pd layer and the Si seedlayer. The Pd 2Si provides suitable nucleation sites for the grain growth of Co/Pd multilayered film that can be utilized as a perpendicular magnetic recording medium.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2002 10月 15

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