Miniprobe transducer for tissue characterization

K. Soetanto*, S. Ohtsuki, M. Okujima


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A design for PVDF transducers in which ultrasound transducers are fabricated at the tips of calipers (analog and digital) as miniprobes is proposed. A goal was to design a miniprobe transducer that is convenient to use during surgical operation. This probe will be able to estimate the speed and attenuation of sound, as well as backscattering from small regions. Measurement techniques for this purpose are suggested. Several prototype ultrasonic miniprobes are presented and discussed. The feasibility of this miniprobe was verified by using measurements of liquids and phantoms. The proposed technique will provide in vivo data, which is of major importance in the evaluation of tissue characterization. Measuring tissue properties in vivo is highly desirable to obviate concerns about changes of tissue properties following blood stains and coagulation, autolysis, temperature change, or fixation.

ジャーナルUltrasonics Symposium Proceedings
出版ステータスPublished - 1990
イベントProceedings of the IEEE 1990 Ultrasonics Symposium - Honolulu, HI, USA
継続期間: 1990 12月 41990 12月 7

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