Molecular profiling of lipid droplets inside HuH7 cells with Raman micro-spectroscopy

Ashok Zachariah Samuel, Rimi Miyaoka, Masahiro Ando, Anne Gaebler, Christoph Thiele, Haruko Takeyama*


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Raman imaging has become an attractive technology in molecular biology because of its ability to detect multiple molecular components simultaneously without labeling. Two major limitations in accurately accounting for spectral features, viz., background removal and spectral unmixing, have been overcome by employing a modified and effective routine in multivariate curve resolution (MCR). With our improved strategy, we have spectrally isolated seven structurally specific biomolecules without any post-acquisition spectral treatments. Consequently, the isolated intensity profiles reflected concentrations of corresponding biomolecules with high statistical accuracy. Our study reveals the changes in the molecular composition of lipid droplets (LDs) inside HuH7 cells and its relation to the physiological state of the cell. Further, we show that the accurate separation of spectral components permits analysis of structural modification of molecules after cellular uptake. A detailed discussion is presented to highlight the potential of Raman spectroscopy with MCR in semi-quantitative molecular profiling of living cells.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2020 12月 1

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