Multilayered metal-dielectric film structure for highly efficient solar selective absorption

Er Tao Hu, Xin Xing Liu, Yuan Yao, Kai Yan Zang, Zong Jie Tu, An Qing Jiang, Ke Han Yu, Jia Jin Zheng, Wei Wei*, Yu Xiang Zheng, Rong Jun Zhang, Song You Wang, Hai Bin Zhao, Osamu Yoshie, Young Pak Lee, Cai Zhuang Wang, David W. Lynch, Jun Peng Guo, Liang Yao Chen


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To improve the optical absorptance of a solar selective absorber over a wide wavelength range, an eight-layered metal-dielectric film structure was designed by the transfer matrix method and fabricated with the magnetron sputtering method. The experimental results showed that the multilayered film structure yields a high solar absorptance of 98.3% with excellent spectral selectivity over a wide angular range in the solar radiation region of 250-2000 nm, a total hemispherical emittance of 0.12 at 400 K, and nearly unchanged reflectance after heat treatment at 673 K for 48 h in vacuum, indicating the high efficiency of the photo-to-thermal conversion achieved for the sample to have the potential being practically applied in many fields.

ジャーナルMaterials Research Express
出版ステータスPublished - 2018 6月

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