Multimedia Applications Processing and Computation Resource Allocation in MEC-Assisted SIoT Systems with DVS

Xianwei Li, Guolong Chen*, Liang Zhao, Bo Wei


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Due to the advancements of information technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of distributed sensors and IoT devices in the social IoT (SIoT) systems is proliferating. This has led to various multimedia applications, face recognition and augmented reality (AR). These applications are computation-intensive and delay-sensitive and have become popular in our daily life. However, IoT devices are well-known for their constrained computational resources, which hinders the execution of these applications. Mobile edge computing (MEC) has appeared and been deemed a prospective paradigm to solve this issue. Migrating the applications of IoT devices to be executed in the edge cloud can not only provide computational resources to process these applications but also lower the transmission latency between the IoT devices and the edge cloud. In this paper, computation resource allocation and multimedia applications offloading in MEC-assisted SIoT systems are investigated. We aim to optimize the resource allocation and application offloading by jointly minimizing the execution latency of multimedia applications and the consumed energy of IoT devices. The studied problem is a formulation of the total computation overhead minimization problem by optimizing the computational resources in the edge servers. Besides, as the technology of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) can offer more flexibility for the MEC system design, we incorporate it into the application offloading. Since the studied problem is a mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINP) problem, an efficient method is proposed to address it. By comparing with the baseline schemes, the theoretic analysis and simulation results demonstrate that the proposed multimedia applications offloading method can improve the performances of MEC-assisted SIoT systems for the most part.

出版ステータスPublished - 2022 5月 1

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