Novel technology to assay the multicellular network: On-chip cellomics technology

Kenji Yasuda*


研究成果: Chapter


A series of studies aimed at developing methods and technologies of analyzing epigenetic information in cells and in those networks, as well as that of genetic information, was examined to expand our understanding of how living systems are determined. Technologies of analyzing epigenetic information was developed starting from the twin complementary viewpoints of cell regulation as an "algebraic" system (emphasis on temporal aspects) and as a "geometric" system (emphasis on spatial aspects). Exploiting the combination of latest microfabrication technologies and measurement technologies, which we call on-chip cellomics technology, we can select, control, and reconstruct the environments, interaction of single cells and cell networks from "algebraic" and "geometric" viewpoints. In this chapter, our developed technolgoeis and some results for spatial viewpoint of epigenetic information as a part of a series of cell-networkbased "geometric" studies of celluler systems in our research groups are summarized and reported. The knowlege and technolgies acquired from these viewpoints may lead to the use of cells that fully control practical applications like cell-network-based drug screening and the regeneration of organs from cells.

ホスト出版物のタイトルVascular Engineering: New Prospects of Vascular Medicine and Biology with a Multidiscipline Approach
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