Nutritional Profiles in Middle-Aged Female Runners

Akik0 Itoh, Keiko Ishii, Mitsuru Higuchi, Shuhei Kobayashi, Kunie Oishi

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Nutritional profiles in middle-aged trained and untrained women were compared both before and after menopause. Subjects were assigned to one of four groups: (1) pre-menopausal trained (Pre-T: n=14, aged 43±5 years, running distance 56±27 km/week, Vo2max 49±4 ml/ kg/min, mean±SD), (2) pre-menopausal untrained (Pre-UT: n=25, 42±5 years, 34±5 ml/kg/ min), (3) post-menopausal trained (Post-T: n=19, 53±3 years, 49±17 km/week, 42±6 ml/ kg/min), (4) post-menopausal untrained (Post-UT: n=26, 54±3 years, 31±3 ml/kg/min). There were no significant differences in hematocrit (range 38. 7 to 39.3%), hemoglobin (12.8 to 13.1 g/dl) and total protein (6. 9 to 7.1 mg/dl) among the four groups. Serum iron concentrations in the post-menopausal women (Post-T: 97±30 mg/dl, Post-UT:106±29, mg/dl) were relatively higher than in the pre-menopausals (Pre-T: 85±35 mg/dl, Pre-UT: 78±33 pg/dl). Mean total iron binding capacity in Post-UT (326 mg/dl) was lower than other groups (352 to 361 mg/dl). Higher serum ferritin levels were observed in the post-menopausal women (Post- T: 35.8±27.5 ng/ml, Post-UT: 60.4±47.1 mg/ml) than the pre-menopausals (Pre-T:18. 3± 13.1 mg/ml, Pre-UT:16.6±10. 7 mg/ml). Intake levels of the four groups with regard to the major nutrients were sufficient as compared with the recommended dietary allowance appropriate for age, sex and physical activity level. Intakes of calcium, iron and vitamins B., B2 and niacin were higher in the trained groups than in the untrained. Regularly performed endurance exercise resulted in higher protein and iron intakes ‘associated with higher energy intakes both before and after menopause. These results suggest that nutritional status of middle-aged women who regularly perform vigorous endurance running could be adequate for maintaining their health in a good state.

ジャーナルJapanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine
出版ステータスPublished - 1992

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