Observer-based excitation control of turbine-generator shaft oscillation

T. Kakinoki*, R. Yokoyama, G. Fujita, K. Koyanagi, T. Funabashi


    研究成果: Conference contribution


    During disturbances in power system, turbine-generator shall are subjected to mechanical stress caused by severe torsional torques. Shaft torque is proportional to the shaft twist, which is caused by angle difference between both ends. However, observing the angle difference in au actual generation system is difficult technically. On the other hand, e measuring rotational speed of the shaft ends is relatively easy. Then if the shaft torque could be estimated effectively, it would be used in order to control the rotational speed for shaft torque reduction. This paper proposes a shaft torque excitation control for rotating machine by making use of an observer for the shaft torque. Firstly, the relationship between the observation signals and the accuracy of the estimation are discussed, and secondly a shaft torque reduction control systems developed by using the excitation control based on the estimate by identity observer. An in-house 7-mass system comprised of joints, shear-pins, and an exciter is used for the test model and Park's equation for synchronous machine is employed. The controller is established by feeding hack the error between the target output and the observer output. Linear quadratic regulator theory (LQR) is employed to design the observer gain, which provides acceptable estimation.

    ホスト出版物のタイトルProceedings of the IEEE Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference
    出版ステータスPublished - 2002
    イベント2002 IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting - New York, NY
    継続期間: 2002 1月 272002 1月 31


    Other2002 IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting
    CityNew York, NY

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