Phonon dispersion in monolayer graphite formed on Ni(111) and Ni(001)

Takashi Aizawa*, Ryutaro Souda, Yoshio Ishizawa, Hideki Hirano, Taro Yamada, Ken ichi Tanaka, Chuhei Oshima


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    The phonon dispersion relations of monolayer graphite on Ni(111) and on Ni(001) were measured by using electron energy loss spectroscopy. Both samples gave almost the same results. The data were analysed with a force constant model in a slab geometry, and it was revealed that the vertical bond bending force constant and the bond twisting force constant were greatly softened. These force-constant changes are comparable with the previously reported case of monolayer graphite on (111) surfaces of transition-metal carbides. However, the interaction between the Ni substrate and the graphite overlayer is not so strong as that on the carbide (111) surface. The similar phonon structures between graphitic layers on Ni(111) and on Ni(001) suggest that both substrates have similar charge transfer capability.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 1990 11月 1

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