Photochromic intercalation compounds

Tomohiko Okada*, Minoru Sohmiya, Makoto Ogawa


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    Photochromism of intercalation compounds has been investigated so far. Starting from fundamental studies on the photochromic reactions of the dyes in the presence of layered materials, the precise design of the nanostructures of intercalation compounds toward controlled photochemical reactions and the creation of novel photoresponsive supramolecular systems based on layered solids have been a topic of interests. Various layered materials with different surface chemistries have been used as hosts for the controlled orientation, and aggregation of the intercalated dyes and the states of the intercalated guests affected photoresponses. Molecular design of the photochromic dyes has also been conducted in order to organize them on layered solids with the desired manner. On the other hand, layered solids with such functions as semiconducting and magnetic have been examined to host photochromic dyes for the photoresponsive changes in the materials' properties.

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    出版ステータスPublished - 2015 6月 10

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