Position control of active magnetic levitation using YBCO bulk and multiple electromagnets

Y. Ito*, H. Ueda, K. Agatsuma, A. Ishiyama


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We have been developing an active magnetic levitation system composed of field-cooled disk-shaped YBCO bulk and multiple ring-shaped electromagnets which are vertically piled up. We have demonstrated and reported that the levitation height, as well as stability, can be remarkably improved by adjusting the operating current of each electromagnet individually. In this study, we constructed a noncontact position control system in the vertical direction based on the feedback control theory and the electromagnetic field analyses considering superconducting characteristics of the YBCO bulk. Depending on levitation height, the operating current in the electromagnets is controlled automatically. The system consists of two ring-shaped copper-winding electromagnets without iron core and a ring-shaped YBCO bulk magnetized by the field-cooling process. We carried out experiments to verify the feasibility of noncontact position control system. In the experiment for position control, the levitation height maintained a target position accurately, and responded smoothly to changing target position. In addition, we aimed at the construction of the position control system with higher accuracy using the numerical simulation based on the finite element method analyses. And, the position control system that piled up three electromagnets was designed and constructed. Concretely, accuracies of the position control within 28νm were obtained. Final goal of our study is to apply the levitation system to the inertial nuclear fusion in which the accuracy as high as several νm would be required.

ジャーナルJournal of Physics: Conference Series
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 6月 1

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