Practical hydration solutions for sports

Luke N. Belval*, Yuri Hosokawa, Douglas J. Casa, William M. Adams, Lawrence E. Armstrong, Lindsay B. Baker, Louise Burke, Samuel Cheuvront, George Chiampas, José González-Alonso, Robert A. Huggins, Stavros A. Kavouras, Elaine C. Lee, Brendon P. McDermott, Kevin Miller, Zachary Schlader, Stacy Sims, Rebecca L. Stearns, Chris Troyanos, Jonathan Wingo


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Personalized hydration strategies play a key role in optimizing the performance and safety of athletes during sporting activities. Clinicians should be aware of the many physiological, behavioral, logistical and psychological issues that determine both the athlete’s fluid needs during sport and his/her opportunity to address them; these are often specific to the environment, the event and the individual athlete. In this paper we address the major considerations for assessing hydration status in athletes and practical solutions to overcome obstacles of a given sport. Based on these solutions, practitioners can better advise athletes to develop practices that optimize hydration for their sports.

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