Preferential Adsorption of Propylene over Propane on a Ag-Exchanged X-Type Zeolite Membrane

Motomu Sakai*, Naoyuki Fujimaki, Yasuhito Sasaki, Noriyuki Yasuda, Masahiro Seshimo, Masahiko Matsukata


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We investigated the adsorption properties of propylene and propane on an olefin-selective Ag-X membrane and discussed the contribution of adsorption selectivity to propylene/propane separation performance through this membrane. The isotherms of propylene and propane on Ag-X membranes were measured in unary systems at 313 K. The amount of propylene adsorbed on the Ag-X membrane at a lower pressure increased remarkably compared with that on the Na-X membrane. Such a change of adsorption property could induce excellent separation property for the Ag-X membrane. We compared the adsorption properties in a binary system calculated based on the Markham-Benton approach with the results of a permeation test. The molar fractions of propylene in the adsorbed phase in the binary system provided good agreement with propylene purity on the permeation side of the Ag-X membrane. These results clearly show that permeation selectivity of the Ag-X membrane for the propylene/propane mixture is mainly governed by adsorption selectivity.

ジャーナルACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 5月 27

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