Protocol implementation support system and its user interface

Kaoru Takahashi*, Norio Shiratori, Shoichi Noguchi


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    To increase the productivity of communication software development for information networks, it is necessary to establish the techniques of automatic implementation and verification of protocols. This paper presents a user-friendly interactive protocol implementation support system which produces software corresponding to a given protocol specification. In this system, when specification is given using a protocol specification language NESDEL, a corresponding program is generated interactively by obtaining programs are written in IDL, a communication software oriented programming language. One of the most important problems in designing this system is how to represent and acquire information necessary to generate software from a protocol. We show that the concept of frame in knowledge engineering is effective in constructing a user-friendly interface to represent such information and to obtain necessary information from the user.

    ジャーナルSystems and Computers in Japan
    出版ステータスPublished - 1988 12月

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