Psychometric Support for a Japanese Version of the Sport Imagery Ability Questionnaire

Seung Min Lee*, Hiroyuki Horino


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In this two-part study, we addressed psychometric properties of the Japanese version of the Sport Imagery Ability Questionnaire (SIAQ-J). We analyzed the SIAQ-J factor structure, assessed gender, competitive level, sport type and years of experience differences on the SIAQ-J, and we investigated whether the SIAQ-J was predicted by goal clarity. In Study 1, we translated the original SIAQ (15 items) into Japanese and performed an exploratory factor analysis (n = 366). In Study 2 (n = 422), we verified the measurement model established in Study 1 with exploratory factor analysis (EFA). Study 1 found five exploratory factors—skill, strategy, goal, affect and mastery imagery—and these were confirmed through the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) conducted in Study 2. Structural equation modelling supported a model wherein goal clarity positively predicted all SIAQ-J subscales. This study provided additional validation of the original SIAQ. Overall, the SIAQ-J demonstrated good factorial validity, temporal reliability and gender invariance and discriminated among athletes of different competitive levels and years of experience.

ジャーナルPerceptual and motor skills
出版ステータスPublished - 2023 2月

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