Public perception of biofuel usage in Vietnam

Warathida Chaiyapa*, Khuong Nhat Nguyen, Abubakari Ahmed, Quan Thi Hong Vu, Marlet Bueno, Zhe Wang, Khang Tuan Nguyen, Ngoc Thi Nguyen, Thuy Thu Duong, Uyen Thi To Dinh, Alexander Sjögren, Phung Thi Kim Le, Thao Danh Nguyen, Hang Thi An Nguyen, Izumi Ikeda, Miguel Esteban


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This paper examines public perception of biofuels in southern Vietnam through a questionnaire survey administered to the general public in two cities in the country (Ho Chi Minh City and Phan Thiet) and experts in the field, in an attempt to understand the demand side motivations of biofuel usage. The survey enquired about the awareness of biofuel availability in Vietnam, motivations for using biofuel, and willingness to purchase biofuel. It was found that awareness was positively correlated with higher education levels, and that all groups were encouraged by the perceived environmental friendliness of biofuel. In terms of willingness to purchase, there was a clear difference in the perception of the appropriate pricing policy for biofuels between the public groups and the experts, with the former preferring higher prices and the latter lower prices. The study then concludes by discussing policy recommendations for improving consumer demand for biofuels in Vietnam and presents suggestions for future research, if the Vietnamese government decides that it is in its interest to pursue biofuels in the future.

出版ステータスPublished - 2021

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