Pursuit of single domain ZnTe layers on sapphire substrates

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ZnTe layers were grown on various orientation surfaces of sapphire substrates, namely c-, a-, r-, and S-planes. Single domain dominant layers were achieved by carefully controlling the substrate orientation and introducing the thin buffer layer. The substrate surfaces were annealed at approximately 1000 °C to achieve an atomically smooth surface with step-terrace structures. Single domain layers were achieved by employing the step-terrace structured substrates. A nanofacet structure of the substrate surface consisting of the r-plane and the S-plane was obtained by annealing the m-plane substrate surface. Nucleation of ZnTe occurred along the nanofacet. It was confirmed that preferential nucleation of ZnTe on the S-plane of the nanofacet took place. Nitrogen doping of the ZnTe layer was performed, with the doping efficiency confirmed as being as good as ZnTe layers prepared on GaAs substrates. This is another indication of the high crystal quality for the prepared ZnTe layer.

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