Pyrolysis of coal with hydrogen atoms

J. Bi*, T. Kamo, Y. Kodera, H. Yamaguchi, Y. Sato


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The reactions of coal directly with hydrogen atoms are very important for understanding the mechanisms of coal liquefaction and coal hydrogasification. In the present study, Taiheiyo coal was reacted in a low pressure TG with hydrogen atoms(induced by microwave discharge cavity) and hydrogen gas under a pressure range of 1.0 - 50.0 torr, and a temperature range of 20 -1000°C, with heating rates of 5-20°C/min. The yields of char, gas and liquid were measured and analyzed by TG-MS and GC-MS respectively. The results showed that the conversion of coal with hydrogen atoms was higher than that under low pressure of hydrogen gas. More liquid and gas products were obtained in the reaction with hydrogen atoms. It was observed that in the presence of hydrogen atoms, CO was more produced at a relative low temperature. Alkylated naphthalene compounds in the liquid yield were less produced in the reaction with hydrogen atoms than in the atmosphere of hydrogen gas.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1998

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