QoS-Predicted Energy Efficient Routing for Information-Centric Smart Grid: A Network Calculus Approach

Kuan Wang, Jianhua Li, Jun Wu*, Gaolei Li


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As the proportion of information content in the power grid increased, information-centric smart grid (iCenS) has drawn much attention in recent years. By introducing features of information-centric networking on decentralization, multi-path transmission, and in-network caching to distributed power systems, the iCenS enabled more efficient demand response, disruption tolerant, and mobility support. However, due to the strict quality of services (QoSs) requirement of power grid and a large number of resource-limited infrastructures existed in iCenS, it still faces the following challenges. First, multi-path addressing will cause redundant packets and the transmission of duplicate packet consumes the node energy which may lead to link failure; the delayed transaction of key component information like tele-protection will induce electricity accidents. Second, it is hard to model the traffic of iCenS without introducing extra computing burden because of its interest-driven feature and constantly updated forwarding information base. we propose a QoS-predicted energy efficient routing (QPER) scheme for iCenS, which leverage on the network calculus. Upon collecting the real-time state information of the iCenS nodes, the QPER rapidly predicts the QoS boundary and energy consumption of each link for upcoming traffic flows by establishing the service curve and arrival curve. The simulation results validate that our method is superior to traditional multicast routing algorithm in terms of delay, energy consumption, packet loss, and others. Simultaneously, providing various routing methods for different service information can ensure the stability and minimize the security risks.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018 9月 17

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