R&d for the next-generation IP network

T. Tsuda*, K. Ohta, H. Takeichi


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    In this paper, we propose a shift from the current data-pipe view network paradigm to a virtual-server view network paradigm via the intermediary stage of a virtual-router view network paradigm. The proposed shift forms the basis of our R&D for the next- generation IP network. Based on this shift, we propose a double-plane network architecture, consisting of a simplified data forwarding plane and a service control plane that performs all the complex processing tasks. The data forwarding plane is based on an advanced photonic network. The service control plane consists of agent, service, and policy control layers with open interfaces between them. Leading-edge information processing technologies such as active node, agent, distributed processing, and policy-based management are used in this plane. Since mobile communication is becoming a major access technology, an approach to integrating mobile and fixed networks into this framework is also proposed. This paper also reports on the current status of s ome key technologies, for example, photonic networks, agent technology, and policy based management.

    ジャーナルFujitsu Scientific and Technical Journal
    出版ステータスPublished - 2001

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