Rapid crystallization of Si-MCM-41 under Na-free conditions

S. Inagaki*, Y. Aratani, Y. Sekine, E. Kikuchi, M. Matsukata


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Rapid synthesis of Si-MCM-41 was accomplished in successive two steps; (1) aging of a mixture of silica, hexadecylammonium bromide and water with an aqueous ammonia solution for a short period of 30 min, and (2) successive evaporation-to-dryness of the resultant mixture at 80°C in about 2 h. The yield of Si-MCM-41 reached 99% after calcination at 550°C. The product obtained by this method gave a well-ordered 2d-hexagonal structure with high thermal stability and water-resistance. It was noteworthy that the d 100 value of calcined Si-MCM-41 was almost the same as that of as-made Si-MCM-41, suggesting that pore wall of as-made product was dense and rigid.

ジャーナルStudies in Surface Science and Catalysis
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出版ステータスPublished - 2005

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