Recent Advances in Ternary Metal Oxides Modified by N Atom for Photocatalysis

Jingwen Wang, Takuya Hasegawa, Yusuke Asakura, Shu Yin*


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Ternary metal oxides (TMOs) with flexible band structures are of significant potential in the field of photocatalysis. The efficient utilization of renewable and green solar energy is of great importance to developing photocatalysts. To date, a wide range of TMOs systems has been developed as photocatalysts for water and air purification, but their practical applications in visible light-assisted chemical reactions are hindered mainly by its poor visible light absorption capacity. Introduction of N atoms into TMOs can narrow the band-gap energy to a lower value, enhance the absorption of visible light and suppress the recombination rate of photogenerated electrons and holes, thus improving the photocatalytic performance. This review summarizes the recent research on N-modified TMOs, including the influence of N doping amounts, N doping sites, and N-induced phase transformation. The introduced N greatly tuned the optical properties, electronic structure, and photocatalytic activity of the TMOs. The optimal N concentration and the influence of N doping sites are investigated. The substitutional N and interstitial N contributed differently to the band gap and electron transport. The introduced N can tune the vacancies in TMOs due to the charge compensation, which is vital for inducing different activity and selectivity. The topochemical ammonolysis process can convert TMOs to oxynitride with visible light absorption. By altering the band structures, these oxynitride materials showed enhanced photocatalytic activity. This review provides an overview of recent advances in N-doped TMOs and oxynitrides derived from TMOs as photocatalysts for environmental applications, as well as some relevant pointers for future burgeoning research development.

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