Robust energy harvest balancing optimization with V2X-SWIPT over MISO secrecy channel

Zhengyu Zhu, Zhongyong Wang, Zheng Chu*, Di Zhang, Byonghyo Shim


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Vehicle to everything (V2X) is emerging as a promising application scenario of fifth generation (5G) wireless communications. In V2X systems, a series of applications (information transmission, in-car entertainment, etc.) rely on the limited vehicle battery, and the secrecy communication is a vital issue. However, most prior work limits to the automatic piloting, channel measurement/estimation and high speed transmissions, seldom study has been done on the battery-limited and secrecy communications for V2X. In light of this, here we investigate the V2X systems with a battery-limited perspective based on the multiple-input-single-output (MISO) secrecy channel in the presence of multiple eavesdroppers. The transmit beamformer and artificial noise (AN) are jointly designed. With the channel uncertainties, by subjecting to the battery constraints and secrecy rate, a robust energy harvesting (EH) balancing problem is constructed. The problem is further transformed into a two-level problem, in which we solve the inner-level problem by exploiting S-Procedure, and the outer-level problem with one-dimensional line search method. Finally, simulation results are provided to validate the performance of our proposed scheme.

ジャーナルComputer Networks
出版ステータスPublished - 2018 6月 4

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