Sealing effect of a polysaccharide nanosheet for murine cecal puncture

Toshinori Fujie, Manabu Kinoshita, Satoshi Shono, Akihiro Saito, Yosuke Okamura, Daizoh Saitoh, Shinji Takeoka*


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Background: Recent developments in nanobiotechnology have led us to develop a method of producing a free-standing polymer nanosheet composed of polysaccharides (ie, polysaccharide nanosheet) with a thickness of tens of nanometers. Owing to its enormous aspect ratio, the polysaccharide nanosheet is semi-absorbent and has a physical adhesive strength 7.5-fold greater than that of conventional films of >1 μm thickness. Herein, we have investigated the therapeutic sealing effect of this polysaccharide nanosheet on murine cecal puncture as a wound dressing material. Methods: Murine cecum was punctured and then overlapped with the polysaccharide nanosheet. Thereafter, we evaluated its sealing effect on bacterial peritonitis as well as the protection offered by the polysaccharide nanosheet against bacterial permeability using an in vitro transmembrane assay. Results: The 39-nm-thick polysaccharide nanosheet overlapped tightly the perforated cecum. No adhering agents were required because of the ability of the polysaccharide nanosheet to adhere to the tissue surface by physical adsorption (eg, van der Waals interaction). Sealing the perforated cecum with the polysaccharide nanosheet increased survival rate without postoperative adhesion by comparison with untreated mice (90 vs 30%; P < .01). These data were supported by the improvement in peritonitis related to bacterial counts, white blood cell counts, and the serum tumor necrosis factor level. Moreover, using an in vitro transmembrane assay, we showed that the polysaccharide nanosheet inhibited effectively bacterial penetration. Conclusion: We have demonstrated the potential clinical benefits of the nanosheet-type biomaterial that can be used for repairing a cecal colotomy without chemical bonding agents.

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