Simple action potential measurement of cardiac cell sheet utilizing electronic sheet

Takashi Ohya, Kazuki Nakazono, Tetsutaro Kikuchi, Daisuke Sasaki, Katsuhisa Sakaguchi, Tatsuya Shimizu, Kenjiro Fukuda, Takao Someya, Shinjiro Umezu*


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In this study, a device for measuring the action potential of cardiac cell sheets was developed. The action potential was measured using a device comprising a 2-µm-thick parylene film with a silver electrode printed on it, which was referred to as the “electronic sheet.” The thin parylene film exhibits high biocompatibility and flexibility. Therefore, it demonstrates promise for biomedical microelectromechanical system applications. In this study, a cell sheet was used because the interest it had garnered in regenerative medicine for creating cardiac tissue in vitro similar to that in vivo. A high-efficiency drug development system can be realized by combining cell sheet technology and fabricating a flexible electronic sheet. The action potential of a cardiac cell sheet from a rat was measured using the as-developed flexible electronic sheet.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2018 9月 1

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