Site-specific gene expression analysis using an automated tissue micro-dissection punching system

Takuya Yoda, Masahito Hosokawa, Kiyofumi Takahashi, Chikako Sakanashi, Haruko Takeyama, Hideki Kambara*


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Site-specific gene expression analyses are important for understanding tissue functions. Despite rapid developments in DNA-related technologies, the site-specific analysis of whole genome expression for a tissue remains challenging. Thus, a new tool is required for capturing multiple tissue micro-dissections or single cells while retaining the positional information. Here, we describe the development of such a system, which can pick up micro-dissections by punching a tissue repeatedly in a very short period, e.g., 5 s/sampling cycle. A photo of the punched tissue provides information on the dissected positions, allowing site-specific gene expression analysis. We demonstrate the site-specific analysis of a frozen tissue slice of mouse brain by analyzing many micro-dissections produced from the tissue at a 300-μm pitch. The site-specific analysis provided new insights into the gene expression profiles in a tissue and on tissue functions. The analysis of site-specific whole genome expression may therefore, open new avenues in life science.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2017 12月 1

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