Spatial distribution of dust grains within H II regions

Akio K. Inoue*


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We discuss the dust distribution within photoionized regions. Assuming a geometry with a central dust cavity, which is strongly suggested by the literature, we can estimate the cavity radius from the ratio of the infrared and radio fluxes by using a simple transfer model of Lyman continuum photons. We apply the method to a sample of the Galactic H II regions. The estimated typical radius of the dust cavity of the Galactic compact H II regions is about 30% of the Strömgren radius. Taking into account uncertainties in both the observational data and the model, we can reject a dust distribution lacking a central cavity. Therefore, the dust cavity model is supported independently of the previous works. We discuss the formation mechanism of such a dust cavity and its detectability by present and future infrared facilities.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2002 5月 10

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