Suzaku x-ray follow-up observations of seven unassociated fermi-lat gamma-ray sources at high galactic latitudes

Y. Takahashi*, J. Kataoka, T. Nakamori, K. Maeda, R. Makiya, T. Totani, C. C. Cheung, L. Stawarz, L. Guillemot, P. C.C. Freire, I. Cognard


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We report on our second-year campaign of X-ray follow-up observations of unidentified Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) γ-ray sources at high Galactic latitudes (|b| > 10°) using the X-ray Imaging Spectrometer on board the Suzaku X-ray Observatory. In this second year of the project, seven new targets were selected from the First Fermi-LAT Catalog, and studied with 20-40ks effective Suzaku exposures. We detected an X-ray point source coincident with the position of the recently discovered millisecond pulsar (MSP) PSR J2302+4442 within the 95% confidence error circle of 1FGLJ2302.8+4443. The X-ray spectrum of the detected counterpart was well fit by a blackbody model with temperature of kT ≃ 0.3keV, consistent with an origin of the observed X-ray photons from the surface of a rotating magnetized neutron star. For four other targets that were also recently identified with a normal pulsar (1FGLJ0106.7+4853) and MSPs (1FGLJ1312.6+0048, J1902.0-5110, and J2043.2+1709), only upper limits in the 0.5-10keV band were obtained at the flux levels of ≃ 10-14ergcm-2s-1. A weak X-ray source was found in the field of 1FGLJ1739.4+8717, but its association with the variable γ-ray emitter could not be confirmed with the available Suzaku data alone. For the remaining Fermi-LAT object 1FGLJ1743.8-7620 no X-ray source was detected within the LAT 95% error ellipse. We briefly discuss the general properties of the observed high Galactic-latitude Fermi-LAT objects by comparing their multiwavelength properties with those of known blazars and MSPs.

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