Symposium on parallel finite element computations

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This special issue is a collection of the invited papers presented at the Symposium on Parallel Finite Element Computations that was held at the University of Minnesota in October 1993. Among the topics covered are: massively parallel finite element computation of three-dimensional compressible and incompressible flows; computation of flow problems with free surfaces, moving mechanical components, and fluid-structure interactions; mesh update strategies in computation of flow problems with moving boundaries and interfaces; parallel implementation of implicit methods for compressible and incompressible flows; computation of compressible viscous flows; scalability of finite element applications on distributed-memory parellel computers; adaptive mesh refinement and redistribution on distributed memory computers; dynamic load balancing on a network of workstations for flow problems; massively parallel computation of incompressible flows in material processing systems; high-resolution shear band computations and impact dynamics computations. -from Editor

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