TELESAR VI: Telexistence Surrogate Anthropomorphic Robot VI

Susumu Tachi, Yasuyuki Inoue, Fumihiro Kato

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Telexistence refers to the general technology that allows humans to experience the real-Time sensation of being in another place, interacting with a remote environment, which may be real, virtual, or a combination of both. It also refers to an advanced type of teleoperation system that allows an operator behind the controls to perform remote tasks dexterously with the feeling of being in a surrogate robot working in a remote environment. Telexistence in a real environment through a virtual environment is also possible. The concept was originally proposed by the first author in 1980, and its feasibility has been demonstrated through the construction of alter-ego robot systems called Telexistence Surrogate Anthropomorphic Robot (TELESAR) I-V. TELESAR VI is a newly developed telexistence platform for the ACCEL Embodied Media Project. It was designed and implemented with a mechanically unconstrained full-body master cockpit and a 67 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) anthropomorphic avatar robot. The avatar robot can operate in a sitting position since the main area of operation is intended to be manipulation and gestural. The system provides a full-body experience of our extended "body schema,"which allows users to maintain an up-To-date representation in space of the positions of their different body parts, including their head, torso, arms, hands, and legs. All ten fingers of the avatar robot are equipped with force, vibration, and temperature sensors and can faithfully transmit these elements of haptic information. Thus, the combined use of the robot and audiovisual information actualizes the remote sense of existence, as if the users physically existed there, with the avatar robot serving as their new body. With this experience, users can perform tasks dexterously and feel the robot's body as their own, which provides the most simple and fundamental experience of a remote existence.

ジャーナルInternational Journal of Humanoid Robotics
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 10月 1

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