The growth of AgGaTe2 layers on glass substrates with Ag2Te buffer layer by closed space sublimation method

Aya Uruno*, Ayaka Usui, Yuji Takeda, Tomohiro Inoue, Masakazu Kobayashi


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The AgGaTe2 layer growth was performed by the closed space sublimation method on the Mo/glass substrate. The Ag2Te buffer layer was inserted between AgGaTe2 and Mo layers, to improve the quality of grown layers. Crystallographic properties were analyzed by x-ray diffraction (XRD), and the surface morphologies were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The Ag2Te layer grown on the Mo/glass exhibited a membrane filter structure from the SEM observation. XRD spectra of layers grown with and without the buffer layer were compared. The AgGaTe2 layer with the Ag2Te buffer layer exhibited peaks originating from AgGaTe2, and a very strong diffraction peak of 112 was observed. On the other hand, it was cleared that the layer grown without the buffer layer exhibited no strong peaks associated with AgGaTe2, but Ga-Te compounds. From this, crystallographic properties of the AgGaTe2 layer were drastically improved by the insertion of the Ag2Te buffer layer. Moreover, the surface morphology exhibited a smooth surface when the Ag2Te buffer layer was inserted. The nucleation site density of AgGaTe2 was probably increased since the membrane filter structure exhibited numbers of kinks at the edge. Chemical reaction between Ga and Mo was also eliminated. It was cleared that the insertion of the buffer layer and its surface morphology were an important parameter to grow high quality AgGaTe2 layers.

ジャーナルPhysica Status Solidi (C) Current Topics in Solid State Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 6月 1

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