The relationship between shot velocity and physical characteristics of lacrosse players

Kei Akiyama*, Daisuke Yamamoto


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BACKGROUND: This study was designed to quantify the relationship between the velocity at which lacrosse players can shoot a lacrosse ball (shot velocity) with a lacrosse stick and a variety of physical strength attributes. METHODS: Twenty lacrosse athletes were recruited to participate in the study. We measured shot velocity with a microwave, speed-measuring apparatus. RESULTS: Shot velocity showed significant and moderate correlations with the distance a player can throw a medicine ball (r=0.58-0.66), the height at which a player could jump vertically from a crouching position (r=0.44-0.46), a player’s hand grip strength (r=0.33-0.46), and the isokinetic concentric strength of player knees (r=0.20-0.45). The thrown distance of a medicine ball was significantly and moderately correlated with vertical jump height (r=0.32-0.47) and hand grip strength (r=0.33-0.53), respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Strength and conditioning coaches should train lacrosse players in strengthening their core, lower extremities and in movements that link their arms with the lower part of the body. The muscular strength of trunk rotation, which relies on the strength of the arms and lower limbs, greatly enhances a player’s ability to shoot a lacrosse ball at high velocities.

ジャーナルJournal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
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