Torus-like continua which are not self-covering spaces

Katsuya Eda*, Joško Mandić, Vlasta Matijević


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    For each non-quadratic p-adic integer, p > 2, we give an example of a torus-like continuum Y (i.e., inverse limit of an inverse sequence, where each term is the 2-torus T2 and each bonding map is a surjective homomorphism), which admits three 4-sheeted covering maps f0: X0 → Y, f1: X1 → Y, f2: X2 → Y such that the total spaces and X0 = Y, X2 are pair-wise non-homeomorphic. Furthermore, Y admits a 2p-sheeted covering map f3: X3 → Y such that X3 and Y are non-homeomorphic. In particular, Y is not a self-covering space. This example shows that the class of self-covering spaces is not closed under the operation of forming inverse limits with open surjective bonding maps.

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