Toward distributed translucentwavelength switched optical networks under GMPLS/PCE architecture

Xin Wang*, Tithra Chap, Sugang Xu, Yoshiaki Tanaka


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Recently, the GMPLS controlledWSON has emerged as a promising optical transport network. In order to guarantee the optical signal transmission feature without deformation, the optoelectronic 3R regenerators still need to be sparsely placed in the network, termed as translucent networks. The growing size and complexity of the translucent network requires a transition of control plane to move from the traditional centralized model to a fully distributed architecture in the future. However, centrally designed routing, wavelength assignment, and 3R regenerator allocation approaches become unfeasible under the distributed paradigm due to the outdated and inconsistent network state information. A common solution is to accelerate the update frequency of network state, but the fundamental problem remains that the inaccurate state information is still inevitable. Furthermore, it adds a significant increase to the control traffic volume which adversely degrades the performance and scalability of the network control system. In order to mitigate the impact of having inaccurate state information on network performance in the distributed systems, a novel RWA approach is proposed in this paper, termed as routing and distributed wavelength assignment with top ranked probing wavelength set computation. In our proposal, the wavelength assignment is performed by signalling process with a set of carefully preselected probing wavelengths. This set is dynamically computed based on the resource utilization each time the network state is refreshed. The PCE module is adopted in WSON control plane to be responsible for the computation of RWA and 3R allocation. The performance of the proposed approach is studied by extensive simulations. The experiment results reveal that by employing the proposed scheme, without loss on the blocking performance the inaccuracy of the wavelength availability information can be well tolerated, and the set-up delay in lightpath provisioning can be kept at a low level.

ジャーナルIEICE Transactions on Communications
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 3月

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