Trajectory tracking of wheeled mobile robots using Z-Number based fuzzy logic

Mohamed Abdelwahab, Victor Parque*, Ahmed M.R. Fath Elbab, A. A. Abouelsoud, Shigeki Sugano


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Being trajectory tracking key for safe mobile robot navigation, Fuzzy Logic (FL) has been useful in tackling uncertainty and imprecision to realize robust and smooth trajectory tracking. In this paper, we present the Z-number based Fuzzy Logic control for trajectory tracking of differential wheeled mobile robots. The unique point of our approach lies in the ability to encode constraint and reliability in multi-input and multi-output rules, whose antecedent universe considers only the instantaneous measurements of distance and the orientation gaps, and whose consequent universe is computed by the interpolative reasoning and the graded mean integration approach. As a consequence, not only our approach avoids the complexity of encoding error gradients, but also is advantageous to model versatile control rules able to cope with missing observations and noisy inducements on actuators. Our experiments using both physics-based simulations and real-world tests based on a Pioneer 3DX robot architecture have elucidated the superior efficacy and the feasibility of the proposed controller regarding accuracy, robustness, and smoothness compared to other well-known related frameworks such as Fuzzy Logic Type 1, Fuzzy Logic Type 2 and Fuzzy Logic with PID. Our results provide unique insights to realize generalizable algorithms aided by FL and Z-number towards robust trajectory tracking.

ジャーナルIEEE Access
出版ステータスPublished - 2020

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