Virtual surgery system with haptic sensation for both hands

Naoki Suzuki, Asaki Hattori, Shigeyuki Suzuki, Yoshitaka Adachi, Takahiro Kumano, Akio Ikemoto, Akihiro Takatsu

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We have developed a virtual surgery system which is able to handle organs as elastic models and obtain a haptic sensation with force feedback in real time. We tried to design a system that would allows us to physically manipulate, or incise these soft tissue models in virtual space. When the elastic organs are significantly incised both the organ's surface and inner structures become deformed or distorted. These changes occur at a speed identical to real time. The features of the device developed for our virtual surgery system are summarized as follows. At first, the force feedback system is divided in two type manipulators, a force control manipulator and a motion control manipulator. We tried to design three force control manipulators for fingers. These are attached to the end of the motion control manipulator. Second, both ends of each force control manipulator are attached to the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of the operator. The user is able to handle an elastic organ using two manipulators on the right and left hands. In our virtual surgery system, it is possible to perform surgical manuevers at a speed approaching that of the actual procedure, while experiencing a sense of touch. In this paper, we have applied this system to surgery in the abdominal region. This surgical experience, in which a patient's morphological characteristics are reproduced in a virtual environment, will allow the establishment of a new method of clinically applicable surgery as well as an educational innovation.

ジャーナルAnnual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings
出版ステータスPublished - 2000

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