WABIAN and Other Waseda Robots

Kenji Hashimoto*, Atsuo Takanishi


研究成果: Chapter


Waseda University has researched on biped robots since 1967. This chapter describes our biped humanoid robot WABIAN-2, which has 41 mechanical degrees of freedom consisting of two 6-DoF legs, a 2-DoF waist, a 2-DoF trunk, two 7-DoF arms, two 3-DoF hands, a 3-DoF neck, and two 1-DoF feet having passive toe joint. Its height is 1480 mm and its total weight is 64 kg. WABIAN-2 has realized a human-like walk with the knees stretched, heel-contact, and toe-off motion by utilizing a foot mechanism having a passive toe joint and a 2-DoF (Roll, Yaw) waist mimicking a human’s pelvis motion. We have proposed to use a biped humanoid robot, WABIAN-2 as a human motion simulator which can evaluate rehabilitation/welfare instruments quantitatively instead of human beings. In this chapter, we will explain the details of WABIAN-2 and introduce an application of WABIAN-2 to evaluate a walk-assist machine and an attempt to clarify the function of the foot arch structure.

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