Waseda biped humanoid robots realizing human-like motion

Hun ok Lim*, Atsuo Takanishi


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To explore issue of developmental structure and human-like motion, we have constructed a human-like biped robot called WABIAN-RII (WAseda BIped humANoid robot-Revised II) that has a total of forty-three mechanical degrees of freedom (DOF); two six DOF legs, two ten DOF arms, a four DOF neck, four DOF in the eyes and a torso with a three DOF waist. We present a follow-walking control with a switching pattern technique for the biped robot to follow human motion. Also, emotional walking of the biped robot is described, which expresses emotions by parameterizing its motion. The follow walking and emotion expression can be realized by the compensation of moment by the combined motion of the waist and trunk.

出版ステータスPublished - 2000

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