Your choice could determine your life expectancy: Lifestyle and arterial stiffness

Asako Zempo-Miyaki*, Seiji Maeda


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Increased arterial stiffness is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, and it is well known that aging and obesity promote arterial stiffening. However, several previous reports have indicated that certain lifestyle modifications can decrease arterial stiffness in older and/or obese individuals. Arterial stiffness is determined by dietary pattern, nutritional balance, exercise habits, and other lifestyle factors. Given that arterial stiffness contributes to cardiovascular disease, a major cause of mortality, life expectancy could be determined by one's lifestyle patterns. In the nutritional field, improving the balance between energy intake and expenditure, or satisfying the basal metabolic demands play important roles in decreasing arterial stiffness. From the exercise science field, we know that arterial stiffness can be alleviated by changing exercise habits (pattern, intensity, duration, and frequency). In this review, we introduce recent reports relating to lifestyle habits and arterial stiffness, and review how improving one's lifestyle can help prevent cardiovascular disease. We believe that this information provides an opportunity to commit to a healthier life.

ホスト出版物のタイトルMediterranean Diet and Dietary Therapies
ホスト出版物のサブタイトルFood Sources, Role in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Other Health Benefits
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